Boracay Blvd

I haven’t updated this blog in some time, and that is due to an increased reading load more than anything else.

One of my good friends, Diana Diroy, recently returned from the Philippines where she worked on and published a story on land development on what is known as Boracay Blvd. Diana writes:

According to residents living there, the area that they have been residing at for almost all their lives—some about 50 years— are being asked to leave because the space they are occupying is government owned. The government is now planning to develop roads, buildings, and factories and need the residents to leave. Some have no where to go and are asking for some kind of compensation to start over. Some are given money that is not enough, and some have had their houses demolished without given a cent.

Many residents who have revolved their lives around fishing, find themselves jobless because fish no longer occupy the water that is polluted from the rubble and garbage of the demolition. Many residents have no where to go and have no money to support their families….

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