2007 Photo Digital Manipulation Survey

Dennis Dunleavy, Associate Professor of Communication at Southern Oregon University, is once again undertaking a survey on the topic of digital photo manipulation. Dunleavy writes:

Since August of 2006, I have been collecting responses from readers concerning attitudes toward photo digital manipulation.

In order to sample changing attitudes over time, I am relaunching the survey and will begin to compare results. Anyone can take the survey and all participation is voluntary, confidential, and anonymous. For instance, a respondent’s IP address is not stored in the survey results, which protects the identity of the individual to some extent.

The intention of the survey is to understand the way people think about digital manipulation over time. In 2006, more than 735 people weighed in on the issue. One of the questions I would like to track is whether or not people can tell if a picture has been manipulated. Many people believed they could. Is that claim still true a year later? Let’s find out.

Click here to take his survey, or, you can read a post about a past survey.

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