Drake Basketball on Vuvox

This is my first attempt at using the Vuvox Collage app. I thought it might be a good idea to create something for the Drake basketball team, considering the great season they have been having. At first, I thought that using the collage would allow me to put all the galleries into one spot, letting viewers go back to past games and go through all of the galleries all over again. After talking with just about everyone I could (that I can reach on IM) I suddenly had all sorts of input on possible content to add. Obviously that content is not there yet, I haven’t even really proposed this to my editors, just built it first so that they could see it visually.

I am hoping to add game summaries for each game, audio interviews from the coach and key players on important games, videos as the Register produces them, and possibly a Vuvox express presentation that is linked to a rss feed of user submitted Drake basketball photos.

Any thoughts? Things I should add? Take out? It is pretty narrow within the confines of my blog template, but I chose to embed this here so that when I show my editors the presentation, it is clear that it can be embedded and integrated into our paper’s template easily.


3 thoughts on “Drake Basketball on Vuvox

  1. That came together very nicely. I like the addition of the screen backed pictures for the background. Good Job! I hope the others at your paper appreciate it.

  2. This is a great program andI like what your doing with it. I just got the beta version and cant wait to play around with it. Again Great Work!

    wish I had this in photo J school shooting University of Pittsburghs games.

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