A New Way of Life

A New Way of Life is a non-profit organization based in the Watts neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. They work to help formerly incarcerated women reintegrate into society. As their web site explains:

In a system more interested in punishing than in actually addressing the problems of poverty, addiction, and physical and mental illness, close to 70% of those released in California will go back to prison within a year of their release…At A New Way of Life we boast the opposite statistics–more than 70% of the women who come to stay in our sober living homes and participate in our programming are successful in breaking the cycle—staying out of prison, and getting their lives back on track.

I have been working on a web site for them (hopefully to be completed soon) and have also been able to photograph one of their community events as well as photograph a series of portraits for them, a handful of which can be seen below.

Get the flash player here: http://www.adobe.com/flashplayer

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