Further iPod uses…

Though podcasting is relatively new, it has long been known that the iPod can be used as a portable hard drive. I assume that many photographers (especially students, as we seem to be purchasing iPods in huge numbers) have considered the image storage possibilities of the iPod. Unfortunately, photographers had little option when looking for camera to iPod connectors. Our prayers were seemingly answered in mid February when Apple announced that they were developing a camera connector that would retail for around 30 dollars and the “photo import” option began appearing on 3G and 4G iPods after updating the firmware. The Apple iPod Camera Connector appeared for pre-order on the Apple Store in late March. Sadly, as witnessed in the iPodlounge review, the camera connector is only compatible with the new iPod Photo line of iPods. This leaves the Belkin Digital Camera Link for iPod ($79.00) and Belkin Media Reader for iPod ($99.00) as the only options available for photographers who wish to use their iPod to store photos when out shooting.

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