Emulating Film with Digital

This list was made in response to a fellow student’s desire to emulate the look of specific slide films on a digital image in post processing. I hope that it can prove useful to others. Techniques were taken from various internet sites and have not been verified. Most sites listed have directions for how to achieve the look in Photoshop. Some have downloadable actions to streamline the process. At the bottom are listed sites that contain multiple tools but are not free. Please feel free to email me to add on to this list or correct it. Thank you.

Useful Sites:
Adobe Studio Exchange
_____contains many actions created by users

Fuji Velvia/Provia
Velvia/Provia Action 1
_____example: http://www.v12digital.com/Photos/Bridge.jpg
Velvia Action 2
Digital Velvia @ Digital Outback Photo
Velvia/Provia Effects (Adobe Studio Exchange)

Kodachrome Action

Tri-X 400
Tri-X Action

Infrared Action
Infrared Herring (Popular Photography)
Infrared (Fotofects)

Cross Processing
Cross Process Action
Cross Process Step by Step

Lith Prints
Lith Prints Step by Step
Lith Print Action

Hi Key Portaits
Hi Key Step by Step

Sepia Tones
Sepia Tone Step by Step

Holga Action
Melancholytron – Holga (free demo)

Sites with Software to buy

Photography Forums/Communities
photo.net Digital Darkroom Forum
dpreview Forums
Fred Miranda Forums
Photography Review Forums

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