Dan Gillmor launches Bayosphere

Dan Gillmor, author of We the Media: Grassroots Journalism By the People, For the People has started his Grassroots Media project known as Bayosphere. According to the site, the Bayosphere will:

be a medium through which we could connect and collaborate, for mutual benefit. It’s happening. As the Net matures, we are learning to write as easily and fluently as we read.

At Bayosphere, we’re going to create a community fueled by that notion. We will reflect — and reflect on — the news, needs and ideas of the San Francisco Bay Area and especially the technology sphere that is the prime economic driver of the area.

As you’ll see in days and weeks to come, I’ll be one of many voices, including yours. I’m a host here, not The Editor. Communities have values; we’ll have the kind that make this a place we want to share with visitors and each other. So while our postings and conversations will frequently be impassioned, they’ll also be civil. Beyond that, we’ll be adding tools that make it easy to join in and to do good work, often collaborating with others.

Let’s build a space where people can find news and opinion they can trust, and information that helps us in our daily lives.

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