Truly Revolutionary

Earlier this year I was in a podcast put together by Steve Sloan. Apparently some commotion has resulted from that event, but luckily, it seems to have sorted itself out. During that podcast I made a comment to the extent that the technology being developed today was not actually revolutionary. It seems that being without the internet for a week or so has made me realize just how dependent I am on it. Not only has it changed how I read my news, but it was much more difficult to stay in touch with friends (even those that live nearby), share photos with family members, update this blog, and do all the things that I normally rely on the internet for. Even something as simple as getting to a photo assignment proved more complicated as I could not simply bring up Google maps and print out directions. Luckily for myself, the internet will be returning to my house in a matter of days. Hopefully I will then be able to get back into the swing of things and finish some posts that I had started a while back.


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