Spartan Daily – Fall 2005

Spartan Daily Fall 2005 - 1
Photo by Zach Beecher – Clockwise from top middle: Elizabeth Nguyen, Kevin White, Ben Lui, Daniel Sato, Phil Bedrossian, Shaminder Dulai, and Diana Diroy.

As the Fall 2005 semester draws to a close at San Jose State University, I must thank the photo staff on the Spartan Daily for all of their hard work and dedication. Despite various challenges facing the photojournalism department, the San Jose State University Spartan Daily, and department as a whole, continues to press on and produce quality work.

Whether it was spending the entire day (and night) at the daily, applying to internship upon internship, critiquing each other’s work, or just shooting, photographers Phil Bedrossian, Diana Diroy, and Kevin White, as well as photo editors Elizabeth Nguyen and Shaminder Dulai, are always there to push each other, pick up each other’s slack, and ensure that everyone is doing all that they can to be successful once we leave San Jose State.

Looking back I am amazed at all of the work that we have accomplished this semester. From doing things that should have be done many years ago, to bringing back the excitement from years past, and bringing in new elements as we try to remain ahead of the game, everyone has gone above and beyond what is normally required of a daily staff member. With each project coming into fruition bit by bit, I am sure we will be proud to look back upon this time as the genesis for action within the program.

Spartan Daily Fall 2005 - 2
Photo by Zach Beecher

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