Back to business

It has been more than a month since my last post. I have been kept busy at my new post as Spartan Daily online editor. Thanks to Neal Waters, we started the semester off with a multimedia presentation on the San Jose Grand Prix.

San Jose Grand Prix
Neal and I are also working on a rather frustrating site redesign for As Ryan Sholin pointed out not too long ago, it can be a pain to work in a system that is “driven by a daily print cycle” and formatted to look like a newspaper. Breaking free of this College Publisher supplied mold has required Neal to tear apart most of what CP had built, while still being bound by some of their basic formatting rules when trying to redesign the site.Also in the works online is the recently launched Spartan Daily blogs. I hope to migrate all of the columnists from the main daily page over to the blog in some manner, as well as add representatives from various aspects of student life on campus.

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