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The Spartan Daily blogs had gotten fairly quiet of late, and some people were starting to take notice. It has remained fairly idle not because I am not interested in promoting it, but because its relevance and importance has been difficult to point out to the Spartan Daily.

The main problem that faces the Spartan Daily blogs is that writers do not want to write for it. They either feel that writing for a blog is not “real journalism” or do not want to waste valuable time working on a post that will not push their story count.

Of course, blogs and credibility have been an ongoing issue within the journalism community, and yet, every other major newspaper in the area have a set of writers who “blog” about a set topic of their choosing (sounds strangely like a column/opinion piece doesn’t it?).

It is understandable for major news outlets to be wary of new ideas and technologies, they have millions of dollars in advertising that they need to keep (though the wariness is coming to an end as print advertising revenue shrinks and current models for internet websites cannot keep pace).

Being involved in college media however, we should have no such restrictions. I am not sure why we are content to merely emulate the newspapers around us instead of trying to push ahead and see if there are better ways to deliver content using the internet than are currently being practiced.

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  1. Econ geek in me speaking, but students and writers need incentives (like everybody else). If it won’t affect story count, maybe it could count for extra credit or something?

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