Interesting flickr toys/tools

Since becoming a part of the flickr community in March of 2005 I have been amazed at how many people dedicate their time to creating interesting widgets, tools and extensions for fellow flickr users.

The most popular source for this is undoubtedly flagrant disregard. His Big Huge Labs site houses all of his flickr toys creations, including two that I have found useful in creating my site, Hockneyizer and Profile Widget. However, the list of useful flickr third-party apps does not end here, and I thought I would share some of my favorites here:

  • idGettr: Allows you to retrieve flickr id’s for users and groups. Useful for many of the following sites.
  • bananr: A simple and clean-looking way to view your flickr photos, photosets, and group pools.
  • PIMPAMPUM: Created six of their own flickr toys/games including a flickr photo based memory game and their own comic strip creator.
  • flickr graph: An interesting site that uses the “classic attraction-repulsion algorithm” to create a visual representation of relationships within the flickr community.
  • Flickr Leech: A great site for quickly browsing through images. View photos by interestingness, user, group, set, keyword, or tag.
  • fastr: This was one of the first flickr games that I found. It will gradually reveal photos to you and you must guess the common tag.

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