Creativity in multimedia

Yesterday I was talking with a good friend of mine about what shape multimedia presentations should take. Lo and behold, a day later, Ryan Sholin writes a post on just that topic. I knew it was him that I saw outside last night, listening in to our every word. Mercury News photographers Richard Koci Hernandez writes:

We are at an exciting crossroads in photojournalism, so why are we just creating bad TV for the web? I have the utmost respect for our TV brethren, but I think the broadcast model is broken FOR THE WEB. So why are we following it? I believe this is our only chance to shake things up. This has nothing to do with talking heads or even video for that matter. Even our ass (audio slide shows) are boring, filled with voice of God narrators or the subjects themselves telling us about the story, instead of us showing the story.

This is the time to take risks, to start the revolution in storytelling. What’s the answer? I don’t know. But I hope that we as a community can figure it out, without feeling we need to follow a broken path.

Mr. Hernandez’s point is that, right or wrong, succeed or fail, now is the time to experiment … while photographers are still able to dictate how they are done and instill their own style into them. A style is something that can definitely be seen in Dai Sugano’s video coverage of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

For an additional bit of inspiration watch Patrick Krebisz’s “Between You and Me,” an award winning short film made on a digital SLR.

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