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If you noticed my recent post titles, you know that I have been watching too much Scrubs lately.

I get my news in a variety of ways which usually do not include the actual newspaper. I have my RSS feeds, I watch the Daily Show occasionally, and I have been browsing the AP wire much more frequently at work.

Recently, though, I have been getting my news from a much more unconventional source; my Wii. Never before have I taken as much enjoyment in browsing the news as I do now, using my remote to explore different parts of the globe. Here is a good video that shows how the Wii News Channel operates:

For all of Sony’s talk about the PS3 being more than just a gaming system, a true home entertainment system, on my Wii I can also check the weather, upload and view photos, send emails, work up a sweat playing Wii Sports, and browse the internet (though you have to purchase the internet browser application from the Wii Store to do this). Soon, I will even be able to have structured workouts with Wii Fit. While I doubt I will ever purchase that product, I think that it shows the versatility of the machine, much like the Nintendo DS which can be used to give you step-by-step cooking instructions, albeit in Japanese.

I am definitely happy with the investment.

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