Multimedia Monday – on a budget

I am always looking to be inspired, whether it is from a music video, film, multimedia piece, photograph, poem, speech or anything else for that matter. One source I know that I can always turn to is anything by Mercury News photographer Dai Sugano. Such was the case when I watched his latest two part video diary, Chasin’ Nooch, and learned that the second part of the offering was shot all with a point and shoot camera set to video mode. I just find it amazing the kind of work that he can do no matter the equipment. For the second week in a row I can’t embed the presentation that I want to show, so here is a link.

Chasin' Nooch

I am not purposely trying to stick with an all SJSU theme here, but another constant inspiration is Ryan Sholin, who works at the Santa Cruz Sentinel. Most recently, Ryan covered the 6-mile Santa Cruz Wharf-to-Wharf run with a cell phone, point-and-shoot camera and user-submitted content. Ryan writes:

So here’s what I did: I set up a page with widgets pulling content from Flickr and Twitter (and thus, Twittergram*), and shot photos and phoned in audio with a cell phone.

In between, I shot video with my own lightweight point & shoot camera to post on the site later.

And of course, we had a photographer and three reporters there, covering the elite runners and the scene.

One thought on “Multimedia Monday – on a budget

  1. Haha! That’s so funny that you mentioned the chasing nooch piece. When I saw that I was amazed and just had to e-mail Dai about it, but the guy is so modest.

    You should take a look at some of his Grand Prix stuff, the one from day one has an opening that makes you giddy.

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