Stearns County Fair Flipbook

During this internship, myself and the other multimedia intern Breanna Roy have covered our fair share of parades, marching bands, festivals and fairs. One of the challenges, as any newspaper photographer will tell you, is trying to cover the same event in a different way. I love how Breanna covered a recent marching band feature and also the Sherburne County Fair. Today I tried my hand at my own county fair coverage at the Stearns County Fair. I added a bass drum to the track but I can’t hear it and I’m not sure if it is just because I am listening to it on my laptop, or if I didn’t make it loud enough.

3 thoughts on “Stearns County Fair Flipbook

  1. Nice. A sweet morning at the Fair. Where do these land on the page? Are they promo’d in print? You should get some good feedback on this, people in it (or people with art/veggies/cows in it) excited to see themselves…

  2. The three latest videos show up on the top of the main umbrella page, then if you click on more videos it shows all of the other videos. I believe it was teased in the paper and it is also linked in the story, though just a small textual link on the side.

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