Multimedia Monday … on Wednesday

So is isn’t exactly Monday. That is okay, I still want to keep track of work that I find inspiring. This week, it is a piece on a Lego building contest done by fellow St. Cloud Times intern Breanna Roy.


I am incredibly thankful that there is another intern who is focused on video and multimedia as well as photography. We have definitely fed off of each other’s creativity and shared ideas about stories, editing, effects and interviewing techniques among other things.

It is worth noting that at the University of Montana, where she goes to school, Breanna is a broadcast journalism major, though I am trying to change her mind.

One thought on “Multimedia Monday … on Wednesday

  1. Sneaky, Daniel, sneaky. I’m really glad we’re both at the Times, too. You’re a big reason why I experimented with Avid effects and why I push myself to be more creative than the typical broadcast style. I think we’re pumpin’ out some quality for and changing the face (or just the fonts) pretty drastically.

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