Multimedia Monday – Late Again

I can’t exactly remember if it was the last NPPA flying short course or the last SFBAPPA digital/multimedia workshop, but I do remember Dai Sugano standing in front of an audience and playing video clips of 311’s Creatures For A While and also an Evanescence song. Dai explained that he gets his inspiration from a variety of media, not just other journalists.

One of my favorite inspirations is, of course, not really in the field of journalism, sort of. It IS a popular magazine, as well as a popular television show, though the subject is not news, but rather, cars.

I love watching Top Gear for its cinematography, its sweeping pans, filters on the camera lens, and soaring aerial shots.

Easily one of my favorite episodes, so much more happens after part 1 of this Youtube clip, including a run-in with the police and a caravan fire.

You can find more episodes of Top Gear and the related Fifth Gear on the fansite Final Gear.

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