New Portfolio

I finally put together a new portfolio for the upcoming internship season and am going to try and display it using a viewer that I got while looking at my friend’s site, Inland Empirical, who in turn got it from Eric Nakamura of Giant Robot.

The photo viewer uses PictoBrowser and integrates with flickr accounts. It can also be customized to a size appropriate for your site, unlike the flickr slideshow I had been using. There are some things I don’t like though. While you can use the right arrow to progress, you cannot use the left arrow to go back. Also, it seems to be cropping the left side of some of my photos, scaling all of the photos back in the code fixes this problem, but then makes them lose their sharpness.

3 thoughts on “New Portfolio

  1. Ah I’m just trying to show where I got it, so as not to say I found it. It seems though, as if it is cropping the left sides of some of my images. Maybe because I changed the size of the player (and forgot to change something else)? I’ll have to check.

  2. The cropping is inevitable.
    You just have to fiddle with it to figure the best dimensions for minimal cropping.
    It took me awhile to find something I was happy with and I’ll probably try different sizes in the future.

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