Another day, another web site / My first video blog

As you can tell from this blog, the NPPA Flying Short Course is fast approaching (and if you’ve run in to me in person, you are VERY aware).

To keep with the theme of multimedia, we thought it a good idea to create a web presence for the weekend, with the ability to feed in flickr photos tagged “sjsushortcourse,” provide information to those coming in to San Jose for the weekend, and allow participants a space to share their thoughts on the weekend and multimedia.

Making the site also allowed me to try video blogging for the first time (something I am hoping other people will also try out this weekend). I ended up using a service called viddler, instead of iMovie or Quicktime Pro because iMovie was not recognizing the built-in iSight and we do not have QT Pro. It also saved me the hassle of having to export the video and then upload to a service such as Youtube or, as I recorded directly into the viddler interface.

You can view both the flying short course site and my video attempt at

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