VII Workshop

This past weekend I attended the VII Seminar in Pasadena, CA. I don’t know that I’ve ever been more inspired than sitting in a room full of photographers looking at work from the VII photographers and the other speakers from the weekend.

One thing was definitely clear in hearing pretty much every speaker the whole weekend. They were all not only passionate about photography, but incredibly passionate about the subjects that they were working with. I have yet to find the subject matter that generates the same level of passion in myself, but I am looking.

There were so many highlights for the weekend, but I think that everyone enjoyed Lauren Greenfield’s screening of Kids + Money, which is showing at the AFI Film Fest today and November 9th. There is also a much shorter version of the same work on the NY Times web site.

Other useful links from the weekend:
VII Photo Essays
Noor Images
NY Times Magazine article and photo gallery for Jessica Dimmock’s The Ninth Floor
Marcus Bleasdale’s work on the Congo
Stephanie Sinclair: Lebanon in Crisis
Boogie’s work on Belgrade, drugs and gangs

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