New Look for the Site

If you happen to be one of the two or three people I can think of who might read this through their rss reader, I changed the look of the site yet again. What do you think? Should I change back to the old look or is this one alright? For those interested, this theme is called Grid Focus, and the previous one was Modio.

9 thoughts on “New Look for the Site

  1. The top scroll banner can be smaller, so I don’t have to scroll so much to see the blog. Unless U plan to update it often…. I like to get my new info in 1st glance.

  2. Ooo…. calling Fang out… ouch…. he’s an angry bitter hateful man, I wouldn’t provoke him.

    And while we’re all chiming in, yeah I’m really digging Mr. Vumox’s new blog design as well.

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