WordPress template to display multimedia

From the moment I moved over to WordPress from Blogger, I had planned on using my server space to build an actual showcase for my portfolio, and not just a blog. While I didn’t stray away from WordPress, I did finally make a site to house my various projects and multimedia.

Portfolio Site

The new site makes use of Robert Ellis’ Aperio theme. Ellis is also the designer behind a theme I previously used, Modio, and was the man behind the Upstart Blogger site, before he sold it for $14,500.

The Aperio theme is still in what Ellis calls a prototype stage, with limited support. While the main page is obviously very image-driven, the single post pages have extremely narrow columns (no room for images) and I found that I had to delete the sidebar in order to display my multimedia properly.

Uploading images for the main page is relatively simple, and photos are automatically cropped down when a post goes from the latest post slot (top left) to any of the other recent post slots which are half as wide. There is a spot for a seventh post on the main page, but I chose to put links there instead.

I had considered using the Monochrome Gallery theme I wrote about last week, with it’s featured categories, and prominent rotating recent posts, but it seemed more of a magazine-style theme than a simple portfolio.

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