Journeys Soundslide

I haven’t been as good about keeping up with multimedia as I once was, so I apologize if this has been done before, but I really enjoyed this soundslides by Michael Morain who works here at the Des Moines Register. I thought it was simple but effective and enjoyable (probably more so if I could read music).

Des Moines native Linda Robbins Coleman compared part of her “Journeys” to the sounds of “a peg-legged pirate who happens upon some kind of Spanish festival.” Listen to the excerpt she described – and follow along with a simplified version of the printed score. (Or hear the real thing at the Des Moines Community Orchestra concert on Sunday.)

2 thoughts on “Journeys Soundslide

  1. Music is great, but to be honest…. repetition of the same thing…the most unexciting to look at…

    I would go for panning horizontally along the scores, fast…slow… following the rythem/note…do some zoom…. anything.

    picture of the actual page, maybe, with some hand written notes on it… .to break the monotony…Anything that show some effort.

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