Sitting in the airport

I am sitting in the airport in Taipei, Taiwan, halfway there to beginning my journey in Bali, Indonesia. I have been meaning to update more often, with info on where I am going and what I will be doing, but found myself too busy catching old friends one last time and packing (it has been only two weeks since I left the Register).

Hopefully I will have some photos to post once I get settled at the Green School, but until then, I will be checking out the newly re-launched Interactive Narratives and I suggest you do too!

Oh and, while you are at it, check out the video done by Shaminder Dulai that is displayed on the top of the photo below. It is one of the video pieces he is working on while a summer fellow at Poynter.

One thought on “Sitting in the airport

  1. Daniel! Wow! What an adventure!!!

    You are going to make some beautiful pictures there. I’m envious. Is it your first time in Bali? The school sounds amazing. You are so close to Ubud … Man, I want to go back there and ride a motorbike through the padi fields for days and days …

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