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You may be wondering why there are now posts on this blog about social entrepreneurship and technology/invention. A few months ago I learned about a term called gigonomics from former Mercury News Director of Photographer Geri Migielicz. In this age of gigs and not jobs, I now am a contributing writer for the AshokaTech blog. There, I write about social entrepreneurship, funding sources for entrepreneurs and innovative uses of technology for social change.

Of course, this is not the first time that Ashoka has been mentioned on this blog.  I’ve talked about their relationship with the Knight Foundation.  Back when I was traveling in Nepal, I was contacted by Ashoka and given the opportunity to document the work of three of their fellows.  It was through my blog again, I believe, that I caught the eye of Ashoka in D.C., who were looking for photos of Ashoka-Lemelson Fellow Mahabir Pun.  This has led to work performing research, serving as a liason between Ashoka and photographers interested in documenting fellows and the aforementioned blog writing.

You can find a link to all of my AshokaTech posts in the sidebar to the right.

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