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Gotta keep my mom updated on what I’ve been doing!

50 Who Matter is a series that we do twice a month that profiles someone working to improve their community. Despite its recurring nature, we typically shoot it all in one day. In this instance, I was given two days to shoot, and I think it made a huge difference. Initially, it was going to be like most other 50 Who Matter’s … shoot interviews and whatever broll I can get in an our or two, and then scrounge for additional broll using archive footage. I wasn’t going to shoot any broll at the all-star game because it was on a Saturday, and we prefer to have everything done by Friday (video publishes on Sunday). In order to assuage the fears of my editors, I put together a version on Friday that could go up if I didn’t have to to re-edit for some reason on Saturday. Having completed my interviews during media day for the high school football all-star game, I had a better sense of what scenes I needed to shoot the day of the game and had everything I needed before the start of the game.

As it is the Fourth of July, I thought it only appropriate to share some relevant videos. The fireworks video was the second of two assignments that I had within an hour of each other, both of which required photos and video (something that is happening with increasing frequency these days).

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