A Taste of Ethics

When studying journalism, photographic or otherwise, the issue of ethics is always addressed thoroughly. From Brian Wolski to Jason Blair, the examples seem endless. One would hope that journalists have learned their lesson, and do not want to risk their jobs for the better story/photo. Unfortunately, there will always be pressure to come back to the office with that great image or amazing scoop. This past Monday, while shooting an independent baseball league game between the Long Beach Armada and the Japan Samurai Bears. Though not the most important of events, I still observed a photographer appear to try and convince some children to talk to the manager in order to capture the interaction. While I cannot be one hundred percent sure that this is what was occuring, judging from the gestures being made it seemed likely. Perhaps this was not really a big deal, but, at a time when photographers are viewed as merely paparazzi, and journalistic integrity it constantly questioned, I am not sure that setting up photos for use in newspapers is the correct way to go.

For more on ethics, Poynter Online has this Tip Sheet for Ethics.

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