Looking For Visual Variety

I have found, in the short period of time that I have been interning, that the images that I like the most are often not the ones chosen to be placed in the paper. When photographing an event, I try to get the standard/necessary shots. I had assumed that I should then be experimenting to try and find new ways to tell the story. I climb under, look over, and can have other photographers looking at me in a rather confused manner. Take for example the recent press conference announcing Phil Jackson’s return to the Los Angeles Lakers sideline. I made sure to get some form of headshot/contextual images.


And then proceeded to try different things.


Some of which did not work.


In the end, the Rafu used the first image. But I did end up with an image that I personally liked.


I enjoy this photo, no doubt, because GM Mitch Kupchak looks so thrilled at the prospect of bringing Phil back and the ensuing drama with Kobe Bryant.

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