A note on the header

I have received a few emails about how exactly I made the header for this blog. I have to admit, I am no photoshop expert. Instead, I relied on one of the flickr toys over at flagrant disregard (now Big Huge Labs).

To be specific, I used the Hockneyizer tool on three separate photos. After playing around with each until I got the framing that I wanted, I saved each file and opened the files in photoshop. I then deleted the white backgrounds, pasted them all into one file, and deleted parts of each photo as I saw fit to make them look layered. The easiest way that I found to do this was to lower the opacity of the layer on top and then use the polygonal lasso tool to select the areas for deletion. Last, I saved it as a .png just in case I change the color of my background in the future.

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