Encouraging collaboration withing the JMC

Coming in as online editor for the Spartan Daily this semester, I hoped to build upon the work that Shaminder Dulai did before me. During his tenure, Shaminder layed the foundation for including multimedia on our website and making the online editor position something more than just posting stories and publishing new online issues through college publisher (which is all that is consisted of before him).

While some progress has been made (Spartan Daily blogs, Update News, etc.) there is a great deal of work that still needs to be done. To that end, Shaminder, the professors in the journalism department at SJSU and myself should be meeting sometime within the next two weeks to discuss exactly what type of collaboration will take place between our programs.

I am hoping that after this meeting, the professors will have a better idea of where they want to go and will be able to take the steps necessary to lead the change rather than be surprised by it.

I had a few ideas in mind and was hoping for any additional suggestions:

  • Online edition of Access magazine updated monthly with content that would not have made it into the once-a-semester print magazine
  • Video pieces from Update News embedded in related Spartan Daily stories.
  • Newsradio class that would produce a full-length show as well as a five-minute summary of today’s news
  • Stream Update News using quicktime as most don’t have Real Player and don’t want to take the time to dl it
  • Allow users to subscribe to Update News and audio news summary

What am I missing?

One thought on “Encouraging collaboration withing the JMC

  1. I would love to see video clips from Update News embedded in related Spartan Daily stories. Makes perfect sense for you guys to collaborate online, since that’s the trend at so many news outlets these days.

    Monthly Access online? Yes, that would be great. Subcribe to Update News and an audio news summary? Wouldn’t that mean creating a videocast and a podcast? And speaking of podcasting, why not include podcasting as part of the news radio class? Let’s get ahead of the game instead of playing catch-up.

    By the way, I’m enjoying the Spartan Daily blog. Gives me a chance to find out what some former students are up to.

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