Five things you might not have known about me

I avoided it. I put it ofI pretended that the draft I started wasn’t there. But now, with thanks to Ryan Sholin, I enter the world of the meme for the second time.

  1. I don’t have a television, but I watch tv shows constantly.
  2. I am a fourth-generation Japanese American.
  3. I would try to survive on only Tito’s Tacos and Johnny’s Pastrami if someone would let me.
  4. I sometimes find myself singing the song you heard if you clicked the Tito’s link above.
  5. I have never developed film, unless you count shaking a Polaroid.

Now to pass on this pleasure to five more:

  1. I know I wasn’t supposed to tag people on Ryan’s list, but Shaminder has been glaringly absent from the daily comings and goings recently.
  2. Inland Empirical
  3. xmaox
  4. “White Daniel
  5. Roaming Redde

3 thoughts on “Five things you might not have known about me

  1. Eh?
    I don’t get it.
    Why am I on the list?
    Am I required to do something now?
    O god…Do I have to go to a hearing?! Did you name names?

    The Tito’s Tacos song IS catchy.

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