11 thoughts on “Capitola Awakening

  1. That’s only b/c you’ve never used a pic of your hair in any of your stuff before. It gets wows.

  2. Shaminder-rise is glorious yes, but I am not a morning person, so just before Shaminder-set was when this was taken.

  3. I just can’t stop talking about this. I am telling people to check it out, left and right. Wow doesn’t even begin… Rock on D! I am totally diggin this, and watching it again! Great piece!

  4. Honestly? I just used my dashboard thesaurus to find a better word than “Wow” and, beyond “amazing” “awesome” and “far out” it gives me the “dated” options of “golly” “gosh” “ye gods” and “gadzooks.” What am I saying? I loved it. I’m inspired or about to give up…either way I’m bookmarking this site.

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