VICTORY: A Boxer’s Story

Seeing as how I have started to use to store my various multimedia efforts, I thought I would upload my first video project. I completed this project with two other students, Daniel Corson and Alex Zuccarelli during our video class at Brooks Institute of Photography. Prior to the class, none of us had any experience shooting video or editing in Final Cut.

Working on this definitely piqued my interest in video and showed me how time consuming/frustrating editing video can be. Looking back there are so many things I would change, but at the time it didn’t matter because it was just fun. Since then Alex has made a second cut of the clip, adding in a few more interviews as well as fight footage from some of Victor’s professional bouts.

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Victory is a short film documenting the rise of young Latino boxer Victor Ortiz. The 15-min student film introduces the trials and successes of the charismatic 18-year-old, based in Oxnard, California’s “La Colonia.”

4 thoughts on “VICTORY: A Boxer’s Story

  1. Thank you for posting which video hosting site you used to upload your work. I am currently building my own multimedia portfolio website and have been browsing various video sites (mostly YouTube) for a good one to display my work. The quality on is great! I think I may check it out more for hosting my videos.

    Keep up the great work!

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