One week (or so) in

I swear that when I get Internet at my place in St. Joseph and am not tired after a long day working I will write something more…substantial.

It has been just over one week working at the St. Cloud Times. So far I have completed:

Three photo galleries:

South Jr. High Last Day of class
Sartell High School Graduation
Tech High School Graduation

One video (with another currently being edited):

Pickin’ in the Park

One Soundslides

Faces of Addiction

Also the 1A photo on my second day and something in the Life section this coming Sunday.

2 thoughts on “One week (or so) in

  1. Nice video, I love that shot of the ketchup being put on the hot dog.

    I did notice some interlacing issues, whoever is outputting the final film needs to look into that, but otherwise, nice work!

    Only week in and all this fine work already?! Can’t wait to see what’s in store for week 2.

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