Safely in St. Cloud

I have been in St. Cloud for just over a week now, but still do not have Internet at my apartment … and so I write this while at work late.

Some fun facts and notes about the road trip:

Motels stayed in: 1
Tornado watches driven through: 2
Flood watches driven through: 1
Airbeds slept on: 1
Couches slept on: 1
Stops made in: Cedar City, UT; Denver, CO; Des Moines, IA
Dead deer passed: at least 4
Miles driven: 2,011

Utah is almost as boring to drive through as Nebraska.
Colorado is beautiful.
It is cost effective to know a Chips Quinn Scholar that is on the way.
Nitrogen filled tires scare me.
It’s been over a week and I have forgotten much of the drive.
I refuse to believe that Zzyzx is pronounced like Issack with a Z and not like physics with a Z.

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