Logrolling and Parade Marching

Here is the video of the lumberjack event that the last post talks about as well as a video of the St. Cloud Granite City Days parade. Dave, my photo editor, asked me to follow the St. Cloud All City Band during the parade and make a video of the parade through their eyes.



2 thoughts on “Logrolling and Parade Marching

  1. NICE!!!

    That lumberjack video was awesome. I like the opening, feels alot like Dai’s work and the stuff that comes out of Roanoak. And that ending with the moment and the ambient was pitch perfect!

    Bravo sir! Bravo.

    And was that splashing water hitting the lens, or we plating our shots?

  2. I’m not sure what plating our shots means, but I don’t think that everyone was happy that I was getting water all over the new video equipment.

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