My Small World

I had always been told that the field of photojournalism was a small community where everyone knows everyone else. I never knew exactly how small it was until this summer.

In the first few weeks of my internship I heard from Tim Gruber, who grew up in St. Cloud and knew the photographers at the St. Cloud Times. I learned that Tim is a student at Ohio University, where Kainaz Amaria goes to school, who is a fellow Chips Quinn Scholar. Kainaz knows my good friend Shaminder Dulai from her time in the Bay Area, and I hear she had a class or two from my first photojournalism instructor at SJSU, Dennis Dunleavy. I swear this connects to Kevin Bacon in just three more steps.

Ah, I also learned that Tim is currently interning at the Roanoke Times and maintains a blog after seeing his comment on SJSU graduate student Ryan Sholin’s blog.

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