Multimedia Monday

Every Friday my friend over at Inland Empirical posts a new Flashback Friday, which contains a clip, usually from the 80’s, depicting a popular (or not so popular) song, movie clip, television commercial, etc.

I thought I would take the idea and run with it, posting a multimedia piece every Monday that I find inspires me. Most likely it will be something you have already seen, considering the number of great sites out there who point to absolutely amazing things. This is more for my own record keeping, kind of an electronic idea board that I can check up on with the click of a tag.

I was deciding between two different pieces for this first post, but I could not figure out how to properly embed the piece I liked from the Roanoke Times. If you want to view it, they still have it up. It is a great piece on Rock, Paper, Scissors that shows how versatile audio slideshows can be and how they can be used to feature something that might never have made it to print or a photo gallery online.

Here is the video that I was able to embed, RJD2’s 1976. I first saw this at the 2005 Flying Short Course in Oregon when Brian Storm, head of MediaStorm was one of the national speakers.

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  1. First of all, we both know it’s Taco Tuesday. And second of all, I haven’t been there in weeks! Okay, more like week … but I mean c’mon, it’s free food.

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