Damaged Files?

I have been going through some old folders on my hard drive today, trying to sort photos that I never archived correctly. In going through some of the older files (maybe from a year ago) the thumbnail preview will not show up in Bridge. When I open the file up in Photoshop it tells me that the document may be damaged, but then goes on to open correctly. Should I be worried? How do you archive your photos (hard drives, dvd’s, online storage)?

3 thoughts on “Damaged Files?

  1. Check out the dam book. It totally gave me a new way of thinking when it comes to “digital access management”. Though I have to say that I am bad about following my own system everytime that I shoot for the paper. And then I find myself about every 2 or 3 weeks or so having to go back and regenerate the system.

    Read more about the book at http://www.thedambook.com or even better, just get the book, you are gonna wanna have it as a resource!

  2. How did you save the original files you think may be corrupted? Have you tried re-saving them as copies or another files format and then opening those in Bridge to see if you get the same “Damaged” message? Jim

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