In Rainbows

In case you were not aware, you can download the latest Radiohead album from and pay … whatever you want. Just so you know, I actually did pay for it.

Oh and, I know this post is short, but I had the an inordinately difficult time typing it. I kept wanting to type inpassing instead of inrainbows, a site I used to check often when I was living in Berkeley. And so, here are overheard quotes from

“No, he’s like, seriously shaken hands with Hussein.”
“Did they bro-hug afterwards? Because then we’ve got something to worry about.”
–A guy and a girl standing near 111 Minna

“Do you know what the first thing I learned about Christina here was? Christina hates man nipples.”
“It’s true. I do.”
“Tell ’em why.”
“They’re pointless. What can you do with them? I heard in a bio class once that some men can lactate, and I thought, ‘finally, a purpose.’ But not every guy can.”
“They disgust her, because they’re useless.”
“That’s right. Start lactating and I’ll respect yours.”
–A guy and a girl talking to a group of friends on Haste St

“Rory got shipped off to Pennsylvania.”
“He got transfered, he’s working at some delinquent kids’ camp. It’s not run by the Dutch, though.”
–A bartender and the customer she was making a drink for at Thalassa Billiards

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