Attempt at chaptered soundslides

Recently it became apparent to me that I would need to start learning flash. While the Register has an online team, they are often overworked and understaffed, and, despite their best efforts, cannot possibly work on every project dreamed up by reporters and photographers… and if I attempt to work one more multimedia project into a Vuvox presentation I think Shaminder (Congrats btw on Poynter and Hearst!) will stop talking to me (even a coworker called me the Vuvox guy the other day).

I thought I would start simple, by learning how to create a chaptered soundslides presentation. I probably should have tried while there was still a tutorial readily available on Multimediashooter, because it was not as simple as I thought, and the documentation I sought wasn’t as readily available as I would have hoped. But, after digging out my Flash Journalism book and peeking into some examples that Joe Weiss has available to download, I was able to work it out.

Now, on to learning how to create eye-pleasing shells for projects…

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