More prom stuff

I was a part of my first team multimedia package these past two weeks. For the story, we followed the stories of six main characters, three from a “rural” school in New Sharon, Iowa (population 1,301), and three from an “urban” school in Ankeny, Iowa (population 36,161), as they prepared for, and went to prom.

Six reporters, two photographers and two videographers (I did the video for the Ankeny prom) covered the prom day from beginning to end. That meant getting up early to document hair and nail appointments (and one ACT test) and staying late into the night at after-prom (a school sponsored event in which prizes are raffled off to try and keep kids out of trouble).

I am not sure if the end result came out exactly how anyone envisioned, but it was definitely a good experience learning how much preparation, communication and compromise goes into a project with a team of people involved.

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