Journalism/Media Open Courseware Resources

Mark Luckie, at 10,000 Words, has a great post on where to find tutorials that will help you to add to your skill set. He writes In order to be or remain employed in this industry its essential to hunker down and learn some new skills. The following tutorial sites will take you from journalist to multimedia journalist.

During my journalism education, I found that some of my most helpful and interesting classes were taken outside of the journalism building. For that reason, I have included some links to opencourseware classes related to photography and media. They may not teach you a new skill (some may, as with the Flash classes), but might help you to become a better, more informed journalist. There are, of course, some pros and cons to taking an open courseware class. Often you will not have access to a lecture (though some provide video) and you do not always have access to full course materials.

You can search for more classes from the 200+ OCW members at the OpenCourseWare Consortium.

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