Building my first web site

I have always had a fairly wide set of interests when it comes to journalism. Though I went to school to study photojournalism, I have also been drawn to video work, multimedia, design and coding. More often than not this left me feeling slightly overwhelmed with all there was to learn, and more of a mediocre jack of all trades than really skilled in any one subject.

Yesterday, I decided to take a step forward in one of those areas, html/css, and build my first web site. While it is true that I have maintained this blog since 2005, I have always relied on templates built by designers far more talented than I who were generous enough to contribute to the wordpress community. Aside from the javascript, all of the code on my new main page at was written by me, with inspiration of course from the WPESP Portfolio theme and the Androida theme. I will still have to build pages for my portfolio, contact form, and hopefully at some point, a wordpress theme in order to have the same look and feel throughout.

Main Page

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