High-tech, high-design biodegradable toilet

Sometimes, the most complex problems can be solved by the simplest of solutions. Often times though, great design makes a well thought out solution only appear simple.


Such is the case with the Peepoo Bag, a plastic bag that serves as a toilet for both liquid and solid human waste.  Simple right?  But in fact, a great deal of technology went into the design and production of the bag.


Peepoo bags break down into carbon dioxide, water and bio-mass and can be used as fertilizer in 2 – 4 weeks.

According to the Peepoople web site, “The Peepoo bag is in the form of a slim elongated bag size 14 x 38 cm.  Within the bag there is a thinner gauze that measures 26 x 24 cm. The inside of the Peepoo bags is coated with a thin film of urea.”  The gauze can be used to prevent contact with any excrement.  The urea is what works to neutralize and hygienisize the feces and urine, ultimately resulting in high value fertilizer stored in a biodegradable bag.  The creators of the bag hope to see small, informal economic systems form around the Peepoo bags, as fertilizers can often be both expensive and scarce.


Equally as important as the creation of a new commodity, the use of Peepoo bags helps to minimize the risk of water contamination, as water is only required when washing after use.  How important is clean water?  Currently, one child dies every 15 seconds from contaminated water and 80% of all illnesses in developing countries are water related.  By placing sanitation away from water sources, you eliminate the problem at the source, and turn what had been a deadly contaminant into the aforementioned commodity.

For more information about the Peepoo bag, visit peepoople.com.

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