Social Entrepreneurship sites worth checking out

Social Entrepreneurship on

One of the main causes on the site, the Social Entrepreneur cause features a blog, maintained primarily by Nathaniel Whittemore, founding Director of the Center for Global Engagement at Northwestern University. Check out the group’s about page for background info on all things social entrepreneur related.

Social Earth

Features a large video library, SocialEarth:Video, on social entrepreneurship topics. “Listen to speakers from Mohammad Yunus to Jacqueline Novogratz and browse topics from Green to Microfinance. SocialEarth:Video is a simple, user friendly platform to disseminate knowledge that really matters.”


An initiative of TechSoup Global, NetSquared “enables social benefit organizations to leverage the tools of the social web.” This is done through monthly meetups (in the real world), prize-based challenges and projects, conferences, community blog and presence on most major social networking platforms.

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