Back again.

Welcome to Kansas

Flat land, expansive skies and cold winters. After two stints in Minnesota and one in Iowa, I find myself back, once again, in the Midwest/Plains area. One week ago I started my new job as the web editor at the Garden City Telegram in Garden City, Kansas.

As the web editor, I will be maintaining the main web site as well as a few niche sites that the Telegram has developed. I will be maintaining the Telegram’s presence on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, working with reporters and photographers to develop multimedia content, shoot and produce my own content and paginate and copy edit for the print edition.

In my first week, I have helped to put out three videos and one audio slideshow. We have also started to experiment with using to host/stream our video, as opposed to embedding .mov files into the story and sidebar.

We have a talented staff that, overall, is excited about new media. Of course, there is a ton of work to be done, and I know one of the biggest constraints will be resources, be it staff or equipment. If you have any ideas on how a small newsroom can approach new media in a realistic way, I would love to hear them (though I think that I have already asked the two or so people who read this blog).

Speaking of the blog, I am not quite a photojournalist anymore, and I am officially no longer a student (my mother can rest easy now), so I am no longer sure that the name is appropriate. In any case, while I figure that out, I will try and document the successes and failures along the way in the hope that someone reading will either be able to offer advice or learn from my mistakes.


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