Year two at The News Journal

It feels like only yesterday that I was writing about my first year here at The News Journal. My second year here has definitely been a year of change. Our website switched to a metered paywall model, we lost two photographers to buyouts/retirement (and are soon to have a third out for an extended period do to medical leave) and, whereas I was adjusting to shooting video in my first year, my second year had me shooting stills on a regular basis along with my usual video work.

Anything Once: Delaware Mud Run from Daniel Sato on Vimeo.

I had the fortune to work on a number of projects, including ones on climate change, prescription drug abuse and repeat offenders, and earned my second Best in Show award from the Maryland-Delaware-D.C. Press Association, this time for a series with Mike Chalmers and Esteban Parra on crime in Wilmington, Del. I also learned how to play with some new tools, the iPhone and the GoPro.

Outside of work, I made it a point to learn more about building custom WordPress themes, and have created two photo themes to date.

No doubt, a redesign of this blog is next on tap.

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